Add Phone

From this window you can add a phone number to your contact information.  See field explanations below to fill out the form properly.

Fields and Options

  • Sign Out (button):

    Clicking this button will sign you out of the portal and return you to the web portal login screen.
  • Phone Label:

    Enter the title of the phone you are adding, such as: Cell, Work, Home, etc.
  • Phone number:

    Enter your 10-digit, numbers only, phone number.
  • Extension:

    Enter your phone extension if applicable. (numbers only)
  • TTY/TDD:

    Put a check in this box if this phone entry is teletype capable.
  • Opt-In for TXT/SMS Messages (from code 51430):

    Put a check in this box if this phone is a cell phone, mandatory to receive Text/SMS alerts.
  • Save (button):

    Click this button to save and add this phone entry.
  • Cancel (button):

    Click this button if you no longer wish to add a phone.