Finalize Member Request

This page is for the person that initiates the family member request. In order to complete the process, you must follow the below steps in order to add the desired person to your list of Household Members. This is step 3 of the process. Here, you must enter your cell phone number and the PIN Code that was sent as a text message to that number. Once this step is complete, the family member will be added to your list of Household Members.

Fields and Options

  • Sign Out (button):

    Clicking this button will sign you out of the portal and return you to the web portal login screen.
  • Your Mobile Phone Number:

    Enter your cell phone number.
  • Your PIN Number:

    Enter the PIN Code that was sent to the above cell phone number.
  • Send Confirmation (button):

    Clicking this button will send a confirmation text to the person you are confirming is a family member. This will confirm that the Member Request has been finalized. This family member should now be added to the Members of Household list.
  • Cancel (button):

    Click this button to return to the My Household Members page.